October 2009 – Instructions manual for unusual houses
>> workshop <<

We are organizing a workshop together with S.P.O.T.
The event will be mainly in Portuguese language.

June 2009 – TP House
Fortifeio proudly quotes the houseowners confession: “now, my greatest distress is not to have time to be at home …" (we will soon have some pictures and information here)

May 2009 – Congress LiderA
Fortifeio recomends the participation on the "Congresso LiderA 2009" that is taking place in the next 27, 28 May in Lisbon.

more info at: http://www.lidera.info/?p=MenuContPage&MenuId=15&ContId=29

March 2009 - fortifeio goes to the "Ecobuild" fair
Thanks to our weak spam control, we found out that the Ecobuild & Futurebuild fair was taking place in the beginning of March, in London. They announced themselves as “the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment ”, and for that we could not let it pass us by. Therefor we've destroyed our still soft ecological footprint with a low-cost flight to London. But here's the promise. With what we've learned and what we will improve in our professional practice, we will minimize and compensate the tons of Co2 dropped by the cursed spurt of the airplane.

January 2009 – Layoff
Architect António Feio is leaving to dedicate himself exclusively to Tourism…

( It's true! ) He is not taking a vacation in an echo-resort! He is getting his Doctorate in Architecture/Sustainable Tourism at the "Instituto Superior Técnico" - UTL.
As the CEO stated, people are irreplaceable, therefore Architect Joana Lima will take his place, not to substitute him but for a change! Let it be for the better! The team is now more feminine and less “ugly”.

December 2008 – Seasons Greetings...!
We wish to all our friends and visitors a Merry Christmas and an excellent New Year.

November 2008 – Patrícia Iglésias's Jewelry Exhibition
We did not resist the experimental challenge of turning the Clínica Dr.ª Helena Coutinho's common areas, into a Jewelry Gallery. The exhibition can be visited until December 23rd.

October 2008 – Oracle in Burgo
The new Oracle's office in Porto is ready. It has been a pleasure to design for a company like Oracle, inside a building like Burgo – designed by Souto Moura. Our Interior-Landscaping* proposal was positively driven by an exceptional building.

( * ) - the scenery of the “foz do Douro” enters the office and disables the interior remodeling category for this job. We've entered a new project's category, that is, exterior-internalising...

September 2008 – site contents update
The welcome image that is present since this site's first day of existence is now
being archived.
From now on we intend to change that image on a regular basis. This time, as we are in September, we decided to pay tribute to the “Twin Towers” and remember the human and architectural catastrophe that happened seven years ago. This is one of the signaling lights on the top of the building.

January 2007 – site contents updated
1. The Portuguese magazine “mais arquitectura” (+arquitectura n.20 de Janeiro de 2008) published a text written by António Feio. The article is about the “Casa da Alice”, a house refurbishment project by Joana Rosa. (Text is only in Portuguese and Spanish);
2. minor corrections to some site bugs.

September 2007 – site contents updated
With a stabilized site structure, we are starting to upload information about architecture projects. Starting with Clinic Helena Coutinho (CHC).

6th July 2007 – FIAT 500’s fifty years celebrations
As proud owners of a 1975 FIAT 500 R, we can't ignore the fact that the 500 is now fifty years old. As to the NEW 500, loudly announced by FIAT? …well, soon we’ll post here our opinion about it. More info at www.fiat500.com

1st June 2007 – first ENGLISH version of FORTIFEIO.PT
One more site that is no longer reserved to the huge Portuguese speaking web community. Many thanks to Ana Nunes and Stephen Blanchard …

12th February 2007 – ONE BUG = ONE T-SHIRT
Conscious of the possibility of loading bugs, spelling mistakes or any other kind of cyber noise into our domain, we decided to challenge our visitors. If you report one bug in our site, just by sending us a simple e-mail to base@fortifeio.mail.pt , you win a nice t-shirt with our logo ;- )

Sorry, but to read older news, you will have to try the Portuguese version.

* * *

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